PortaPOST™ - How to Install our Portable Post for Signs.. within 5 Minutes

Packaged Components

  • 53" Upright Top Section with Top Cap
  • 17" Upright Lower Section
  • 40" CrossArm with End Caps
  • Custom Ground Anchor
  • Hardware Package: (2) EyeBolts, (2) RiderHolder Clips, (2) QuickLink Panel Hangers, (2) StopPins.


Locate position of install. Ground should be firm. Ensure absence of any underground utilities or obstructions. Note: Gloves/Hand Protection recommended - Anchor may have sharp edges.

Install/hammer (use 2lb Hammer or SSi Anchor Driver) Ground Anchor into ground. Depth can vary depending on ground conditions. Minimum 14" is recommended for longer-term install.

For 72" install, slide Upright lower section down and rest on ground. For 53" short version, remove Upright lower section. Slide Upright upper section onto Ground Anchor until section is either resting on Upright lower section...or in case of 53" short version, Upright upper section is resting on ground. If needed install Top Cap.

Install Crossarm in Upright upper section through supplied routs and position based on intended use: as a sign post or as a memorial post. Position Crossarm so that stop holes are located either side of Upright upper section to accommodate stop pins to be installed. If needed install end caps.

Install hardware as needed to either hang sign panel or mount wreath/flowers/commemorative signage.