PortaPOST ™ Frequently Asked Questions

How much does (1) PortaPOST ™ weigh in the box?

  • Aluminum PortaPOST ™/Memorial Cross-15 lbs
  • PVC Vinyl PortaPOST ™- 16lbs

What hole spacing should I use for the top of my Sign Panel?

  • All PortaPOST ™ versions accommodate 14” up to 19” on center spacing.
  • Buying your Panel from Signlite ensures full compatibility right out of the box!

How is the “Ground Anchor” installed?

The PortaPOST ™ anchor is typically either hammered into the ground with a 2lb hammer (avail at all Home Improvement stores) or use our Anchor Driver accessory. We recommend the Anchor Driver if frequent installation of PortaPOST ™ is needed (such as Real Estate use). Use of gloves is recommended when handling the Anchor.

How is the “Ground Anchor” removed?

Soil conditions dictate the ease of removal, but in all cases the Anchor can be removed by “rocking/wallowing” the installed Anchor until it slides up and out of the ground. A lever rod can also be employed if needed.

What is included with PortaPOST ™?

  • All Hardware and caps are included. PortaPOST ™ is ready for its intended use as a Sign Post, Portable Sign Post or Roadside or temporary event Memorial Cross.
  • Regular aluminum or PVC vinyl PortaPOST ™ is individually packaged in a reusable box.

If needed, are replacement parts available?

Yes - Take a look!

Is PortaPOST ™ maintenance-free?

  • Yes, but if a continuous “new” look is desired an occasional cleaning is recommended. Aluminum and PVC Vinyl PortaPOST ™ can be easily cleaned with regular spray household cleaners.
  • For longer-term installations in softer ground, occasional removal and reinstall will typically ensure a straight upright appearance. Constant wind load can over time cause some minimal leaning in some soil conditions. Deeper Ground Anchor installation is the solution for most lean problems.

Can PortaPOST ™ be cut, drilled or further customer modified to meet specific needs?

Of course. Always use safe accepted metal or PVC Vinyl fabrication practices. Plastic and Metal Spray Paints are available from Home improvement stores if a different color or touch-up is required for PortaPOST ™.